Lava HD2605 & Lava HD2805 TV Antenna

by FreeTVGuy - 3/1/13 7:24 PM

I travel a lot in my RV and had one heck of a time finding a solution to being able to watch TV while on the road without paying those crazy high cable fees!

I originally purchased a couple of high end expensive antennas (Clear Stream & Channel Master) and as durable as they were I just found that they never produced strong enough signal strength or picked up enough of my favorite channels. After being disappointed I gave up on this for awhile until I decided to give antennas a 2nd chance.

This time around I did my research and after shopping for best price I ended up purchasing a Lava HD2605 from Not only was the antenna shipped to me within 2 days, to my surprise with the mount if was super easy to install and to my delight I was able to pickup 25-30+ of my favorite HD channels all for free!!

I was so happy about this antenna and my find that I decided to purchase another antenna (Lava HD2805) from the same site for my house. Now whether I'm on the road in my RV or comfortably at home I no longer have to worry about paying cable satellite fees!