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I need help with "mistaken" copyright encoding

by jmangle - 1/25/13 2:06 PM

My computer has a Hauppague TV tuner installed. I'm running a VCR through it and recording home videos onto my hard drive using Windows Media Center. Once on my hard drive I then edit the videos and create DVD's of my old VHS tapes.
One tape I was recently copying had a segment that was a bit grainy and, for some reason, in B&W instead of color. Media Center kept telling me it was copyrighted material and would not record it. It was actually home video of my son's 1st birthday (he's 27 now).
I had the same issue when I tried to record the tape of my wife's ultrasound that was taken when she was pregnant with my son. That tape was in B&W too.
Any ideas, at all, as to how I can resolve this? I'm willing to buy new software or install a new tuner if needed. It's tape of his 1st birthday! It wouldn't be so bad if it were any other birthday. sad