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AV Rookie looking for HT Advice

by daferret78 - 11/29/12 2:26 PM

I recently bought a home that has in ceiling Polk speakers. Unfortunately, I do not know what model they are. Since the house came with the speakers I figured it was time to grow up and get a good receiver, center speaker, and sub. I bough the Denon AVR1613 supports 5.1 surrond, and was wondering what a good center and sub would be for an entry level HT since I don't have much money to spend after buying a new house. The room size is about 11.5' X 18'.

I've been looking at the Polk TL2, CS10, and CSR for centers. Also looking at the Polk PSW10 sub. My understanding is that I should stick with the same mfg for compatible sound. As a noob to the HT game any advice will help. My wife and I aren't audiophiles obviously so just solid components would do. Thanks!