Cannot enter timer data in VCR

by sdculp - 11/7/12 1:24 PM

I have obtained a Sony HLV 585 HF VCR recorder/player. The remote is a Sony AMT-V102. Playback and TV functions are OK. What I/we cannot figure out is to how to get program data for recording entered.

Pressing the menu button and selecting the timer function takes you to where the day, start, stop, channel and tape speed are entered. At this point the data should be selected so that the next programming data can be entered. But none of the buttons on the remote will do this. If you use the execute button to get out of the menu and then go back into the menu to review, all the data has been erased. If you press the timer record on/off button a message comes up which says that the timer information has not been entered.

So, basically, the question is how do you get the data entered?