What speakers should i get?

by esk869 - 7/17/12 9:54 PM

Hello everyone!Thanks for joining in the discussion people!

Okay so recently I have been wanting to buy some speakers for music, after doing a very minimal searching i have a few in mind. My budget is 100, so I know I am not going to get a banging system, but that is fine with me. Also bass is not so important to me, I would rather have the audio crisp, for when i play my classical music, jazz, and frank ocean. So these were the ones I looked at:
Altec Lansing: BXR1221
Altec Lansing: VS2621
Cyber Acoustics CA-5402 5.1
Cyber Acoustics CA-3602
I am leaning towards Altec lansing cause I have heard iffy things about cyber acoustics. I have heard really bad things about logitech.
Also does anyone know of any wireless speakers that are not too expensive?