Resolved question

Using Pixela VideoBrowser, nesting problems

by rucampbell - 6/14/12 12:28 PM

I have a Canon VixiaHFM40 camcorder and have been trying to download videos to my PC. I'm new at this. Somehow, I've gotten the video clips separated from the library of the program, and I don't know how to reunite them. Now, when I open the Videobrowser program, the 'stills' of the videos are there, but with an exclamation point which declares that the videos have been moved or deleted. I have the Videobrowser inside 'My Videos', and the video clips are within that program in the menu.
My Videos > Videobrowser > videoclips (in two parts; one part is a number, the other part is a number.cpi)
I have no idea how to get the videos to 'run' in the computer. Anyone? Thanks a lot. Ruth C.