How do I ???

by kjvisser - 3/9/10 6:51 PM

I am trying to play a videolecture on YouTube or a downloaded clip of the videolecture in Realplayer or Windows Media Player at an accelerated speed... Unfortunately I do know if I can watch a 50 minute video in 30 minutes with all the information without fast forwarding the video.. Please help my video software knowledge deficit? I am a VIDEO learner and I have been trying to harness YOUTUBE lecture video on the internet to supplement my professors lectures.This is a question about how to get some information you may posses about how to make a video play faster on a videoplayer like realplayer or windows media player. I am taking a class but I am a video learner and I am trying to watch video lectures on computer.My challenge is that I would like to play the videos faster due to time constraints Please share any software or computer commands I can use with existing video player programs like real player or windows media player to speed up the video lectures. Thanks for any help. Maybe I am phrasing this incorrectly..I do not want to edit the video only speed up the playing. I realize I do not have your knowledge database for what I am asking or if this is really what ever help you could give me is appreciated. Several people have hinted I need to add software for downloading the video to my computer from the internet. I am really looking to speed up the video playback on the video players...I do not know if this is possible except for fast forwarding... I just would like to view the video clip at faster speed.