Do I need a new stereo receiver

by jskrenes - 12/31/08 11:01 AM

I'm planning on jumping into the HDTV world in the next month or two. I've seen a few setups where the audio wasn't quite in sync with the video. My current receiver is a 5.1 Sony, but it doesn't have much for video in/out, and I'm wondering if I need to purchase a new stereo receiver to avoid that lag. Here are my choices:

1. Route all my audio and video to the TV, let it process both audio and video. Given my current list of DVD/DVR, VCR, and video games, I might need to employ the use of some sort of switcher, but I think I can wire it. Then send a single fiber optic cable to the stereo receiver for audio.

2. Buy a new receiver that can handle HDMI and component and send the video to the TV.

Any suggestions would be useful!