Philips Ambilight TVs: Buy now or wait for the new models?

by sup909 - 1/30/08 12:07 PM

Hello everyone. I was wondering if you could perhaps give me some details on the new Philips Ambilight TV's that are supposed to be coming out in April. The 7603 series.

I am looking to purchase an Ambilight TV, and yes although the lighting is considered gimmicky by some I rather enjoy it at my brother's. I am very much interested in picking up either a 42" or 47" but I have noticed that Philips 2008 models are set to come out in April.

I was wondering if you think that the performance difference would justify the wait until then, or if the performance difference is probably so marginal I should just pick up one of their 7432 or 9732 models.

The new models are supposed to have 120hz screens, but I have never sat down to watch a 120hz screen TV. Only the standard 60(?) and I have never had a problem with those. Is that difference worth the wait?

Thanks for your thoughts?