Simple Home Theater

by moviefan1 - 11/14/07 8:24 PM

I just bought a Panasonic 42" 1080p HD and would eventually like to get a home theater system. The all-in-ones are in my price range and is what I'm leaning towards. I would like a center channel, two towers, a small sub, and wireless rears. The receiver must also have am/fm stereo with the capability to hook up a blu ray dvd player and take advantage of the HD sound too. I don't need the built in dvd player I seen that most of these come with, but if it must be there, then so be it. Any suggestions on a simple home theater in a box with all these characteristics? Or am I asking too much?! If so, what do you suggest? Doesn't Bose (not in my price range, I know) have a system with only a few speakers that makes it sound like a complete home theater?

Thanks to all in advance.