HDMI problems with DirectV HD DVR

by philsmith - 12/29/06 11:58 AM

In setting up my new AVR 3806, I have found that there is no audio or video signal coming from the HD DVR 10-250 that I currently own.

I called the local AV shop where I bought the Denon AVR and they said that this was a common problem--that the "old" 10-250 is not compatible with the HDMI on the receiver.

Any others out there have this problem? I know the connections are right--HDMI out to Panny monitor, and HDMI in from the HD DVR. Nothing--no sound, nor video.

Previously with an older receiver I hooked up the DVR to the Panny via HDMI and then ran optical cable to the AVR. This was fine, but the reason I upgraded the receiver was for more power and HDMI.

Not it appears that I'll have to get the "new" DirectV HD DVR in order to do this. Very frustrating.

Happy New Year everyone