Connecting wired speakers wirelessly...

by brandon.antoniewicz - 11/3/05 11:00 AM

I'm a newcomer to this forum and have an odd issue. Our condo has hard-wired speakers (Energy Take SAT speakers) mounted on the walls (8 ft up) for surround sound. All of the speaker wires run behind the drywall and exit the wall in one spot near the cable/ethernet junctions on the south side of our room. We wish to add a media center, flat screen, etc. and move everything to the north side of the room. The only way to hard connect the speakers to the media center would be to tear open the walls and run a junction to the north side. That's a bit expensive and intrusive. Does anyone know of a solution on the market where we could run our sat speaker wires into a single transmitter hub on the south side of the room and then wirelessly transmitt their sound (via the hub) to our media center on the north side of the room? Open to any suggestions.

If any additional details are needed to clarify, please let me know.