Resolved question

How to navigate on Coby MP-707

by IvonTheTerrible - 1/18/14 1:40 PM

Hello! Recently, my Coby MP-707 MP3 player's screen stopped working - it only displays white. Everything works fine, but I can not see anything on the screen.
My question is, could someone post navigational instructions as to how to get to various parts of the player, such as "One down click and one center click gets you to the Photo's section (or something like that, I can't see to look)", or
"1. Music
a. Resume playing
a. Filter (sound type, i.e. bass, normal, jazz, rock, classic, etc....
b. Playlist
c. (whatever else)
b. (whatever is below resume)
I specifically need to know how many clicks in what direction to get to shuffle on the music section, and how to change the timer countdown to turn off when left untouched. Right now, the player always starts at the first song in the playlist, and repeats whichever song I change it to. How can I set the list to shuffle all?
I realize this is a somewhat strange request, but I'd appreciate it. Thanks!