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Zune replacement advice

by jbugno1 - 11/18/13 8:21 AM

I have a 16 GB Zune (about the size of ipod nano). I use it for exercising, yard work, and travel. I have been using it with a "music pass" that enables me to download any songs I want and listen on the PC and the Zune player for $9.99/mo. I don't own the songs so when I stop paying then I can no longer play them. Microsoft is discontinuing this service.

Does the ipod offer anything like this subscription service? I read that with premium spotify you can download songs to listen to offline however I am not clear if you can upload to ipod nano or shuffle. I do not want to stream over 3G and do not have wifi outside or at gym, plus i think my phone or an ipod touch would be too large.