Replacement for Creative NOMAD ZEN Jukebox Xtra 60GB ??

by 1PanzerLAH - 10/3/13 8:57 PM

I may be a dinosaur, but my old Creative Labs NOMAD ZEN Jukebox Xtra 60GB survived 12 years and 10 combat deployments with the USAF in Iraq and Afghanistan. I prefer my music files formatted in .wma--they sound better, by far. I am very disappointed that Creative stopped not only making the ZEN Xtra series, but also supporting them as well. I bought a ZEN X-FI, but the music OS/interface (Centratle) is far inferior to the Creative Organizer 5 series. Is any thing out there even half-way comparable to the ZEN NOMAD line? Can Apple's ACC format be reformatted to .wma? So much for "progress".