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Sony nwz b163f or ipod shuffle

by D_e_j_a_n - 9/3/13 10:54 AM

Hi, I am new here.

I really like the whole site, so keep up the good work x)

So, now to my question. I need a small mp3 player with a clip (will use it mainly for jogging and in the gym)
2gb is enough memory for me, so its not as important of a feature.
What i need is good sound quality and long battery life.
I will also buy Sennheiser cx150, so which player has a better sound quality when paired with these headphones?
Is there any difference, whatsoever?

P.S. I tried my friend's cx150 with my Sony Xperia U, and i was really pleased with the sound. Just so you know what my expectations are.

Thanks x)