My story | Relatively cheap earbuds that's last!

by byKorbi - 5/21/13 3:46 PM

Hey guys! So basically I've been looking for earbuds since my Bose MIE2's broke. Before I got those, I had just got whatever good headphones I could find, even skull candys, which disappointingly don't last, which they should be. So I decided to get the Bose and they were the best. They lasted me a year and had great quality. Unfortunately, I'm not buying another pair.

One thing is that they were ridiculously expensive, $100! Even though they lasted a year, and I only had one minor problem with them, they're far to expensive for headphones. Now that I have to use my on ear headphones, since there the only one I got, I need a set of earbuds.

Now for what I'm looking for, and maybe what others are looking for. What do you guys think. What are the best earbuds under $30 that last very long and sound very good. I'll go to $40 the most, but I prefer under $30. So what do you guys think? Thanks for the help!