Resolved question

Jukebox Audio CD track title issue

by CoryMCasper - 4/28/13 6:47 PM

I've got a few jukebox audio cd's filled with mp3 music files that I play in my car's CD player. I use Nero Express to burn them. My question is this: As far as the display on the car's cd player goes, all the song titles are taken from the mp3 file's "Title" category, yet while a good portion of the songs show the proper display, there are still more than a few the l_i_s_t t_h_e s_o_n_g t_i_t_l_e_s l_i_k_e t_h_i_s. This gets a bit annoying, and I'm wondering if there is a fix to this, or something I'm doing wrong in the burning process? My entire MP3 collection is well organized, so the titles are all correct in Windows Explorer.