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Hi, new to this forum,have a question regarding Mp3 loudness

by TeslaGuy - 2/25/13 1:08 PM


I have a big problem, i want to get a new mp3 since my "OLD" Sony NWD-B105F is getting spent, i also wanted an mp3 with a capacity of 4 GB(mine has 2GB), so i got the new Sony NWZ-B173 - an mp3 with 4GB of space, but there is one huge, HUGE issue : It's NOWHERE as close as loud as my good old B105f.

I dont use the headsets that come with the Mp3 themselves because the sound quality is much less and it hurts my ears, i use my own Philips Headphones, i heard there was a law passed in Europe about 3-4 years ago forcing mp3 to decrease their decibel output or something, is that true? is there any MP3 out there that will match up with my old NWD-B105f in loudness?

Thanks for reading that wall of text