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MP3, Hard Drive, and Car Stereo.

by WARIO88 - 2/9/13 2:41 PM

OK so I been looking around on the internet to find out about something I thought up and to see if its real or not so far 90% is but its the rest that I need help on.

To start off I will talk about what I thought of.....I was wondering if there is a such thing as a voice activated car stereo that can play MP3 music from an external hard drive (lets say USB connection of course).

Now from what I have found online there is a voice activated car stereo, "the Parrot Asteroid". But its only compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad.

So is there another?
And if so is there a way to play Music from an external hard drive?

Because lets face it unless you got a lot of money to spend on a 35gb MP3 most MP3's wont have enough gbs to hold over 5,000 songs, unlike a 500gb external hard drive for 60$.

PS. Thank you for your time.