Headphones buying advice

by ShyOrchid - 12/19/12 2:47 PM

First of all, hello!

Second, I have a big problem and need some help to make the right decision. Here is the thing:

I'm the kind of person that goes through earphones really quick. Since my sister and I used to share, I thought that the constant use was the reason (I remember we once went through like THREE pairs of earphones in less than two weeks!). But now that we each have our own earphones the problem persist (not with the same frequency but it still happens).

I think the longest pair of earphones I had lasted me three months before one of the earbuds on the side stopped sounding.

Okay, that was a rant, now we move on onto the important stuff. I was wondering if you could recommend me a nice pair of earphones under $20, max. $25. I know some of you will say "Hey! If you want quality you'll have to stretch your pocket", but that's all I can afford right now.

What I'm used to in earphones are the following things:

*In ear earphones with noise cancelling (I don't want to be able to hear every single car horn but I can't also totally block all the sound around me).
*Microphone included (The earphones that came with my cellphone had mic included and ever since I'm in love with this feature).
*Earphones that I can put in my purse freely and not worry about them getting mangled or mistreated. (I often put the earphones in my bag and when I take them out they get stressed around the audio jack area which later results in one of the sides not working).

I would thank anyone if they can suggest some earphones with this kind of features. I know I could go to any kind of store and buy the first pair I saw, but I like to rely heavily in feedback and user experience, not what the seller tells me the product can do.

Again, thanks for your time, all suggestions will be appreciated.