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What is the best alternative to rip audiobook CDs?

by br7251 - 2/29/12 12:41 PM

I used to be able to create playlists in Windows Media Player, and transfer those playlists after ripping the CDs over to the playlist menu on my SanDisk Sansa Zip Clip. Now, when I do the same thing, Windows Media Player places the playlists into the "Album" section on the SanDisk media player. Now, there are no playlist in my playlist section. When I am in Windows Media Player, I can see the playlists that I have created on the SanDisk media player, however on the device, no playlists have shown up.

I'm tempted to go back to AudioGrabber and rip the CDs that way, but I don't get the MP3 format, but WMA format. I guess I will have to go back to AudioGrabber and create for each disk a name subscription such as:


then repeat that same exact name for the playlist in Windows Media Player, and if it shows up in the Album section of my Zip Clip, then there will be less confusion.

I'm in Windows Media Player 12 with a Windows 7 laptop.

Can you suggest any better alternatives? I am a hardcore audiobook fanatic and like to have extreme organization with a number of my MP3 players. This helps to ease my commute.

Thank you,