MP3 Player with Best/Longest/Most Durable Battery Life?

by The_Iron_Chef - 3/5/11 9:46 PM

I'm a former owner of an iPod Shuffle (1st generation), Sandisk Sansa e200, Sony Walkman, and a Sandisk Sansa View. ALL of them were disappointments, I am sad to say, although I hold sentimental feelings for my Sansa View because it is a rather prized possession. The only part that sucks about it is that its batteries are DEAD. I am so tired of Sandisk's lack of customer support... And why does it turn out that the batteries for all their products get busted so fast? My Sansa View sometimes won't even charge anymore through the USB. A shame. Right now I use my big and bulky PSP-1000 for my mp3 purposes... It's great! It's just bulky and not ideal for running. Also I only have a 1GB memory card for it... Yup. At least its battery life trumps any other mp3 player's I've had.

I know when companies claim "20+ hours" of battery and such and such for their products... However, from personal experience, I hardly found this to be true. 4 hours (best scenario) is more like it. No offense to people who CAN verify it is many times true... I just never had this luck. I need an mp3 player that can TRULY live up to its battery life claim... 64+ hours, 100+ hours without charging for a week, you name it.

Here are my specifications:
- Ideally one with better than maybe... 50 hours... Give or take
- Is there a runner's armband accessory for it? This is a very big factor
- Not overly bulky... I mean, I use a Playstation Portable. Know what I mean?
- I'll sacrifice a few hours of battery life (compared to competitors) for a decent user interface, efficient controls, durability, audio quality, and overall quality of the player. Balanced is best... But I still want a ridiculously powerful battery.
- No overly flashy colors or decorations... A simple design like a sleek, cobalt black like most modern mp3 players will do nicely.
- I could care less about a touchscreen (in fact I don't like touchscreens) and video-playing capabilities.
- I am NOT a fan of Apple or any of its products, especially the iPods... iTunes, iPhone, iTouch, Nano, NO THANKS!! Sorry!

A few candidates I found were: The Cowon S9, Sony X-Series Walkman, Samsung P3, and the Zune HD. I also found this baby:
LOL. Might consider it.

I can't really specify a budget except nothing ridiculously overpriced... Perhaps not to exceed $350, and even then, preferably much lower than that range. I received an answer from a Yahoo! Answers user and he recommended the new Apple iPod Shuffle (not happy about that) because of its supposed 15 hours of playback and superior audio quality. I suppose it's a good deal: invest in a $50 player and focus the rest of the budget on a really good pair of earphones. But I'd like your input.

Thank you all in advance! Much appreciated!