MP3 organizer software search

by forjonny - 2/3/11 1:55 PM

Look for a organzier for a MP3 player so I can make me for example four genres and drop all my music in it's own genre.

My MP3 player has over 2200 songs and about 50 genres. I just want to make my own on the player so I can choose a certain genre.

The tags that came in with the songs are randomly put on my player like Rock, Rock&Roll, Soft Rock, Rockabilly, Rock Hits, etc.

I would like to have Rock as the genre not all this trash. So when I "play genre" I will get them all not just from all those particular rock genres.

Any ideas?

Do I have to retag them or is there a drag and drop program?

I have Windows XP and a Dell DJ Gen2. Dell DJ Explorer does not work with this device on the Gen 1 DJs.

Tried the Redhat Duboix and it did not work either.