What is the best ripping software?

by cdharris - 1/10/09 8:13 AM

I am finally ready to sit down at my PC and rip my CD collection of over 1000 disks. I bought a 1 TB Firewire drive to rip the CD's onto and later intend to purchase an iPhone or other good phone/MP3 player to use with them. My question, before I get started, is what software should I use to rip the CD's with? I know I could just use the Windows Media Player I already have, but does this do a good job and have enough options? Most importantly, most of my CD's are older and do not have the music information on the disk. What software does the best job of finding the artist/track information and inserting that into the file name, organize the folders, etc. I do not want to have to do this manually. Thanks.