MP3 player and recorder - Archos or iAudio?

by imolinav - 9/9/05 5:49 PM

Hi !!!

Could you please help me, I need your advise,

I need a device, perhaps a MP3 player, to record long conferences and interviews of people for approx. 4 to 6 hours. (I also have a preamp and an omnidirectional microphone that I could use to record with the device that you may recommend me).

Then, after recording the whole interview (or conference), I need to divide it into smaller parts, and tag those parts in the following way, for example:


So hopefully, whatever I record:

can be recorded as MP3 or WAV;
can be divided into smaller parts;
can be tagged with any easy names I may want to name the smaller parts with;
can be found easily when I browse through all the songs in the MP3 player.

I thought on some products, but I dont know if these products and their SOFTWARE will be able to help me meet my expectations. The products I thought on, are as follows:

iAudio X5 - 20 or 30 GB
Archos GMini 400
iAudio U2 - 1GB
Archos Pocket Video Recorder AV420

I wonder if there is any other product you may want to recommend me for the above mentioned purpose.

Thank you very much,

Ignacio Molina.