Which MP3 player ??? - Thank you very much in advance !!!!

by imolinav - 5/16/05 8:00 PM

Hi !!!!

I would like to buy an MP3 player that allows me to connect it to an external microphone. Not only to non-battery microphones, but also to battery-powered microphones.

I have been looking at the 20 GB ipod, and at the Archos GMini220, but Im not really sure if any of these two may be helpful at all.

I want to use the MP3 player with an external microphone for high-quality dialogue recording of interviews or conferences.

The microphone that I have is the Crown - Sound grabber II that I bought from B&H. One can record two persons without the need to hold the microphone.


Thank you very much for your time and attention to this matter.

You can also e-mail me to: imolinav@hotmail.com or iGmolinav@yahoo.de


Imolinav : ) !!!