Resolved question

Sony CZ len or Sony G len

by Hazel1862 - 10/14/13 8:42 AM

I have been looking at getting a new sony camcorder ready for my holidays. I have narrowed by choice down to two camera. The cx280 or the cx320. The cx320 is supposedly better with its tracking focus, bigger wide angle len, bigger optical zoom and an Iauto mode which has 180 different combinations (rather than 90 like the cx280), so I was going to get this one. However, it has a Sony G len rather than a Carl Ziess len. Now I know the sony G len tends to be used on the high tier camcorders in sonys range rather than the Carl Ziess len so you would think that would be better, however people are saying the CZ len is better. What is everyone's experiences and thoughts with these two lens?
Many thanks