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How do I achieve a professional-quality filming style/look?

by favabean1982 - 7/14/13 5:00 PM

Hey everyone! So, as a fun experiment I'm starting to play with my iPhone 4S camera and am interested in seeing if I can achieve some specific styles of filming. I may also be renting a Red Epic soon as well. Specifically, I'm looking to get a Spielberg-esque feel in a short film I want to make, which J. J. Abrams nailed in 2011's Super 8. I'm also a big fan of The Rocketeer, which also has a classic Spielberg feel to it, and was curious what it would take to achieve that style. Finally, in terms of more modern styles, I love the clean looks of movies like Captain America and even The Amazing Spider-Man, which I know what shot on a Red Epic. And before I forget, even though I know both Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder use film, is there any way to pull off what they did on The Dark Knight trilogy or Man of Steel? Man of Steel especially had some cool Terrence Malick Tree of Life-esque shots I liked as well.
I'm really just looking for what I can do to film it like them, and then what I'd need to utilize in post-production to further solidify these styles both for the Red Epic and iPhone. I know apps for the iPhone like Filmic Pro have been suggested, and right now I'm only using iMovie in post, but any further ideas are welcome. Thanks!