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laptop to ext drive video transfer issue - JVC

by oceanliner1 - 1/16/13 6:37 PM

Have JVC Everio mediabrowser 3 software and about 40gb of videos on my laptop - filling it up. I bought a 3tb ext drive. I copied the video files to the ex drive. Now I had the 40gb on both drives. I found an unwanted video on the laptop that I had copied over and deleted it. It also deleted on the ex drive. I then tried cutting the 40gb and pasting to the ex. drive. This reduced my laptop files by 40gb (my intention) but when I opened the calendar that the program uses in the ex drive, every video picture had an "!" and when clicked it said "Failed to import". I moved them back to the laptop where they now work again. The program seems to hold all the videos in sub-files so I'm not sure what to try next. I want to be able to open the videos using the ex drive. Thanks for any help.