Fumfie (thumbs down)

by danimal88 - 1/10/13 10:12 AM

I wanted a Canon Vixia HF M500 camcorder and found Fumfie had a very good price. After I ordered, I received a message from Jeremy at Fumfie. He offered a "deal" on a Canon extended life 2150 mAH battery to go along with the camcorder. After a quick on-line research, I bought the Canon battery for an additional $70 (well over $100 value according to Jeremy). However, when the order came, there was no Canon battery, but instead a cheap Vivitar (can find on-line for $25).

I called Jeremy back who conviently placed me on hold and never came back. I got through to Robert in customer service and explained my dilema. He indicated that he doesn't know why I was offered the Canon battery as Fumfie doesn't carry them and in Robert's words, he isn't sure why Jeremy "represented" that they did. Robert also stated that the battery that was sent wasn't even an extended life battery and not sure why the warehouse sent it. Robert wanted to give me accessories, but I wanted the battery that I ordered and paid for. Finally, he offered a $35 discount (still overpaying).

I try the battery and it is not compatable with the camcorder so I call Robert back. He is somewhat agitated and stresses that they "gave" me a $35 credit. I indicate that I just want my money back for the battery since it isn't what I ordered and isn't compatable. I finally have to state that I am going to contest the charge on the credit card, so he says I can send it back and they will review for a refund. However, he won't provide a shipping label as he says it will only cost me a dollar to send back (definitely costs more).

I am very unhappy with the bait and switch tactics and the run around I get to make this right!!