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best LED camcorder light

by laurencewithau - 8/25/12 2:04 AM

Hi, I have a Panasonic HCV700 camcorder which I'd like to use to make videos of people dancing at a club, where the light levels are very low. I've been advised on this forum to use LED lights ( see 'How do I improve video shot at low light levels on camcorder')
As a beginner I know very little about them except that they vary enormously in price. The Litepanels Micro Pro LED light retails at hundreds of pounds, but the CN-160 LED light retails at less than 50 pounds. Yet it seems to be higher spec.
My question, then, is whether I should go for the cheaper light. But also, I'd like to know whether these lights, which are given as being suitable for DV camcorders, are compatible with the HCV700. I'd be grateful for any advice.