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Panasonic HC-V700 or Sony HDR-PJ260V

by cafrish - 7/6/12 12:51 PM

I am looking to buy a new video camera.

It will be mostly used to shoot family trips, buth outdoors and indoors (Disney World, etc).

* I would like it to be HD.
* Since shooting will be done handheld, stabilition is quite important.
* Being able to shoot in places which are not well-lit is preferred (not complete darkness).
* 3D is not required.
* I prefer buying a memory card for storage, instead of using an internal Hard Disk / Flash memory.
* Price around US$500 +-

While browsing around, I found those 2 models:
* Panasonic HC-V700
* Sony HDR-PJ260V

I couldn't find a review that compares those two.

Which one will better suit my needs?

Is there a different camera I should go for?

Thanks in advance for any assistance / tips.