Resolved question

Can't Download from Canon FS30

by Kral_57 - 6/29/12 6:47 PM

1) I want to download video files from the internal memory of a Canon FS30. I'm trying to use the Pixela Image Mixer 3SE v4.5 software that came with the camera (Yes I know Pixela is a piece of junk happy I connected a USB cable from the camcorder to my PC, but the "Save Files to PC" button does not respond. I tried another cable with the same result. I also tried rebooting with the same result.
2)To make matters worse, I can't find the Pixela User Guide, and can't find a site from which to download a new one.
Any suggestions on 1) or 2)? I'm willing to try another method of downloading without using the Pixela software.
I'm running Windows 7 Professional on a Toshiba Model A660 Laptop.