JVC HM 100U who's got one how does it handle?

by Jersey CI Girl - 11/2/09 4:54 PM

hay i am thinking of getting this cam for nightclub promos but im not convinced it could handle the lighting. I live in Jersey Channel islands and cams like this are not available for hire here and i dont know anyone who owns one so i cant test it out myself. Its driving me nuts because it seems like the perfect solution to my problem of getting pro quality in a size i can dive ( figuratively speaking) into the crowd with and get some great shots, and as it has XLR outputs i can get some great interviews and crowd response. i also want to use it for my short docs and educational vids. i have a mac and final cut so its native format is great but i tend to work more on adobe prem i know i can convert to MP4 but has anyone tryd this and had probs?

Do you know of anyone who has used it in this environment yet?

Also if my hunch is right and its not the best for this job can anyone recommend either a prosumer or pro cam that will?

All advice gratefully recieved.