sony hi8 playback problem

by haris_216 - 9/11/09 12:05 PM

hi there everybody. this is my first post here and I am doing it because of a problem I am encountering. I have a sony handycam tr-705e. for those not old enough:) it is a 1992 model!!!. although it is old and bulky and we all "turned" to digital, it still served nicely with crisp sound and picture. up until recently. suddenly in playback mode there is problem. the picture both on tv and viewfinder is moving verticaly. first I thought it could be problem of old battery (not keeping the needed voltage) but then I tried the supplied sony mains supply unit and was still the same. then I tried older (known to be ok) tapes just in case it was faulty recording but had same result. the audio plays ok. I also noticed that if while in playback I hit the pause button and then release it, it starts playing ok for a second and then the problem comes in. also, when in ffw or rw mode it will move showing a normal picture with the two lines that usually appear when you fast forward a tape. I have to tell you that my mind goes into the use of a sony sports case that I used some days ago at the sea. not diving but rather recording above and using the case as splashproof protection. is there any possibility that there might be humidity issue? I did check thoroughly after and both the case and camera appeared dry. in any case is there any suggestion as to which part might be at fault?
all ideas would be appreciated.
sorry for my big post and bothering you with ancient video history:)
thanks in advance