Olympus C-765 Battery is Stuck!

by mangofanatic - 5/6/08 3:03 PM

I have had my Olympus C765 camera for 5 years, and today I think I might have stupidly inserted the lithium-ion battery in the opposite orientation. I did not notice much resistance when inserting it, so I thought it was fine, but the camera does not turn on. I assume I have inserted the battery in the wrong direction.

The spring latch moves, but the battery does not pop up as usual, and I can't move the battery.

Other than taking it to a repair shop, which will take at least 6 days (I need the camera in two days for a trip), what can I do to get the battery out?

If this has happened to you, let me know if you have any do-it-yourself tricks to unstick this battery!