by CHEVEL67NI - 11/11/06 12:20 AM

Hello all, I have been taking a look at some of the posts regarding concert digital cameras and as far as low light concerns go the Fuji F30 is the way to go. I am also interested in the A/V part of the camera. I have a Pentax W20 and recently went to an Evanescence concert and a few of the pix came out ok, its tough to hold steady in the pit, and the video came out great except for the audio portion. As expexted the bass overcame the audio circuit and through the bass all I heard was distortion. When the higher range of the singing came in the recording was great, well then except for the fact that its only mono. Anyway I figure to get past the audio problem I will just get a digital audio recorder and some decent mics and just dub the audio over the video after the concert. So what do you guys recommend for the concert photo/video?