Hard disk failing

by AHornb - 2/2/13 4:39 PM

Hello everybody,
My computer started having problems this morning.
I have a Macbook Pro Unibody from 2008 running Lion (the first unibody that came out) with 320 gb hard disk and 4gb RAM.

Yesterday, everything was doing just fine, I put on some music before going to bed and set up an app called iTaf to stop iTunes automatically after an hour. I didn't ask it to shut the computer down though.
When I woke up this morning, my computer was stuck on a grey screen and was completely unresponsive. I could'nt do anything else but force shut it down with the power button.
After rebooting, my computer was extremely sluggish and was pretty much unresponsive. I force shut it down a couple of times (it wouldn't shut down properly), but the problem was remaining.
I tried starting it up in safe boot mode, but after 2 hours, my computer still hadn't booted and the loading circle kept spinning.
Now, everytime I turn my computer on, I still have the safe boot mode screen (grey screen with the circle spinning and the loading bar filling a little bit, then disappearing and the circle keeps spinning, without anything else happening) and it won't reboot like it did before I started safe boot mode.
I ran Disk Utility through Internet recovery (I don't have a Super Drive anymore) and it says that everything's ok with my hard disk. Mackintosh HD is not mounted though and locked (I have Filevault enabled). When I try to unlock the drive, it won't accept my password (I have an azerty keyboard and the layout was set to US. I changed it back to French, but it still won't accept my password, probably because it contains the letter " a " with an accent on it (I'm apparently only allowed to type english characters here) and the french layout doesn't kick in.).
So I tried running single user mode, and when I type in the fsck -fy command, this is what I get:

CoreStorageGroup: :complete IORequest - error 0xe00002ca detected for LVG "Macintosh HD" (E97F03A2-D03C-48C0-85D2-B470539CC780), pv F0B573D5-41D5-42E9-8B1D-7E432E4C99F6, near LV byte
disk1: I/O error.
Invalid record count
(4, 279)
** The volume Mackintosh HD could not be verified completely.
/dev/rdisk1 (hfs) EXITED WITH SIGNAL 8

What is strange though, is that I can still run my computer under guest mode and surf the internet...

I don't understand what's going on, can anyone help me?