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Can someone look at this computer configuration and answer m

by GraveRobber2007 - 2/2/13 11:21 AM

Okay, so I experiment a lot on PC Parts Picker, and I was selecting parts for a overly-excessive computer rig. I don't actually plan on buying it, however I was wondering about its compatibility with outside peripherals; the monitors, to be more specific. I looked up the graphics card and its compatibility with multiple monitors and I came across a bit of a snag. If someone were to get this configuration with this many monitors, what type of ports would they need to use to get the maximum amount of monitors to display to optimal capacity? Of course, I don't think PC Parts picker stops you when you have chosen too many monitors, so I'm going to ask you guys to take a look and tell me if I have too many monitors for the graphics cards I have selected. Keep in mind that this is hypothetical and I don't actually plan on purchasing this rig. I am merely asking for the informational value. I am providing a link to the graphics card tech specs, and you can click the monitors to find their tech-specs. Thanks in advance.

My MAIN question: How many monitors can this rig support if someone were to use any way possible to hook up all the possible monitors it can support?



PS: I posted this on Y! Answers, as well.