can't import CD's into itunes PLEASE HELPPPPP

by allwereallyneed - 7/29/10 7:16 AM

So my itunes recognizes the CD and asks me to import it, but it doesn't import it properly- it imports the first song and then skips the rest of the songs, and says the times are "not available". The same thing happens in Windows Media Player, it plays the first track but skips the other tracks.
I have looked on other forums and done everything possible to fix this problem- unchecked the "Error" box in the importing settings ,run diagnostics, even changed the name of the driver because I thought that might have been interfering. When I run itunes diagnostics it says all the drivers are working and there's no problem, but obviously there is. This problem with importing cd's only started after I had to replace my hard drives on my computers, so I think it's a problem with the hard drives but I have no idea what to do and I'm getting pretty frustrated.