I need help pleease.. External data recovery!!!

by RynoZ - 7/19/09 11:36 AM

Hi. I'm new here and saw some posts that lead me to believe this may be the place I will finally receive answers to this problem. I apologize for the bold text in title (moderators), but i'm in dire need -- it's an external hard drive data issue.

A. I own a brand new Mac Pro - OSX, a Dell Laptop - XP Windows (NTFS Format), and a Playstation 3 Entertainment System - PS3 (no further OS - format unknown).
B. I own a 1 TB Western Digital External Hard Drive, just bought about 5 months ago. It worked fine between my Laptop and PS3 for some time until one day (and till this day) only my PS3 can read it.
C. I didn't want to reformat the my external because I have important files that aren't media based - thus being that the PS3 only reads basic media based files (video, pics, audio).
D. Although my PS3 recognizes all of the folders within my external, I cannot compress them to be sent elsewhere so that I may reformat... and the web servers available to my PS3 only read media files to be transferred among my computers.
E. My external isn't damaged, no buzzing or humming sounds, it works fine and lights up as it should. I just cannot access it by conventional means. I have a warranty!
F. My Warranty with Western Digital does not cover this issue, I tried. They offered to replace the External if it is damaged, but it's not. They even said the cause may be corrupted files. This may be true cause I manually deleted a couple of them through my PS3.

My Attempts:
1. When I plug my external into my Laptop I get 'G:/ drive', regardless of what USB slot I put it in. When I plug it into my Mac I get nothing.
2. I considered opening the external's casing to access the confirmed SATA drive connection, but I am inexperienced with this kind of procedure and not sure to risk it.
3. I downloaded a Data Recovery software program called "Data Recovery Wizard Professional v3.3.4" which I have yet to use because I understand I must first format my external in order for it to recover my deleted files. True testimonials say it works, but TOO RISKY!!!
4. Have yet to find a network server that can connect to my PS3 & Computers and handle more than just media files.
5. I considered websites and email providers that offer file storage, but the PS3 cannot compress folders and I cannot access the type of files I need transferred from the external connected to the PS3.
6. Even though I just bought a Mac Pro for my business, I am sad to say i'm back to square one with troubleshooting the formatting problem.
7. I even considered calling around with this sensitive issue to Computer Stores and Hardware Repair Shops to restore my data. Either it's too expensive or they won't try it!

Please no responses about the dumping my data elsewhere to commence reformatting because no other computer can access my external. That answer shows no one is listening!
Please no, "You're sh*t out of luck", answers too, cause I know there's a way. Lol, I just haven't figured it out yet!
May it be that I can match the formatting on my computers the same as the PS3?
Please do not assume I know anything, if you must, provide detailed procedural instructions.
Please HELP ME!