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Samsung SyncMaster P2350 Problems

by micropastry - 11/18/12 9:26 AM

Hello CNET users,

I've had this monitor for quite some time now, and it's been great. For the past few months, though, it hasn't been doing so well. Whenever I would leave my computer alone for an hour or so, it and the monitor would go into sleep mode. When I came back, sometimes the monitor would not turn back on. The computer would be back up and running, but the monitor would still be sleeping. This happened a little over 15 times last month. At that point, I was using an eMachines ET1331G-05w. I recently got a new computer- an HP Pavillion p7-1240- and this problem happens every time (well, it's happened all three times). I have to turn the computer off with the power button, and then turn it back on, which for some reason starts the monitor.

Thanks in advance,

Oh, and I might add that when the monitor isn't asleep, it does work with the computer.