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Printer recommendation

by yong321 - 10/1/12 8:54 PM

I have an old HP Deskjet 3910. It works most of the time. But once in a while it gets stuck in a light blinking and offline state. I'm already pretty experienced in all kinds of tricks to bring it back alive. But there's no real systematic solution. I want to buy a slightly more "advanced" printer that has at least more than one single button so I have more options to ease troubleshooting. It doesn't have to be HP.

One problem with this very common, low-end printer is that if you google for a problem solution, too many links are full of tips for dummies (disconnect cables, stop/start spooler service etc). They become noise when searching for a real solution. I don't need a printer to be fancy for its functionality per se, but rather for more bells and whistles in help troubleshooting. Thanks for any suggestion.