EPSON NX300 All-In-One Color profiles???

by bozobyte - 2/22/12 12:45 PM

I have this:
Windows 7 (64) 8GB DDR2
NX300 Epson All-In-One,
Viewsonic VX2035 Monitor using current screen resolution of 1280x768.
GeForce Nvidia 8600GT .

I also have Photoshop CS3, but I was printing a webpage, checked to see if all my INKS were full, they were. When I went to print this page, most everything printed out a magenta pinkish color.
I checked my Epson properties and found that the DEVICE PROFILE is the System Default (sRGB IE C61966-2.1) and the ICC profile is [VX2035 wm-default]

I do get prints from Costco, after editing them in Photoshop CS3, and saving as a jpg. I would like to know what the best color profiles output for this printer is, or should I change any settings in the Photoshop profiles output.

I saw somewhere the drop down for Epson, or Photoshop color profiles. I saw ADOBE, EPSON, ETC. Just not sure which is best.
It very well may be, that what I see on the monitor when I edit a photo in Photoshop, is (1) not what it comes out of the printer, or (2) what is comes out in a Costco photo, since they may 'tweek' the color anyway.

Also in the Printer Properties Advanced, there are two options: I have it on EPSON VIVID, the other choice is ADOBE RGB.

Thanks for any help.