Dell AIO Printer 948 - USB Port "Communication Not Available

by boyd1212 - 10/26/09 6:41 PM

I have a 948 Dell ALL-IN-ONE Printer, I have a Dell Desktop Inspiron 530 running SP2. I purchased all this at one time from DELL about 1 1/2 yrs ago. When I received it all I did was install the printer drivers and started printing and everything was fine until about a month ago my 16 yr old son can to me and said the computer will not boot up sure nuf there was a screen being displayed with 1-8? options to choose from anyone of these options you chose would not do anything even though it allowed you to select them. SO to sum up the story I re-installed the OS from scratch including patches etc, with the restoration cd's DELL provided and printer drivers as well that DELL provided. And this is where I am, UNABLE TO PRINT. Anyone's help would be a GOD send since I have researched this thing until I'm blue in the face. signed STRESSED