Resolved question

a problem has arisen again

by mko - 1/5/14 12:42 AM

i came here with a problem of not connecting to the internet about 2 months ago. the problem was fixed and has arisen again. here's the events...

i can't figure this out. please help.

1...was not connecting to the internet on my desktop(hardwired)
2...did an ipconfig - okay
3...checked - properties in local connection/checked device manager - okay
4...tried a connected
5...switched ports - still unable to connect
6...installed this tiny program suggested by this forum that checks and fixes issues. still the same. no connection
7...finally bought a usb network adapter for a quick fix - IT WORKED
8...month later - it stopped working

i went through all the above only this time through the usb adapter - nothing.
any suggestions as to what's wrong. also another question. is it possible that a networking card does not work yet everything says all is well?

windows xp