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Brand New Computer, Not connecting to wireless router, but

by Corakai - 4/18/13 9:53 PM

I just bought a brand new computer and I plug everything in, including the ethernet cable used on my previous computer. This cable us plugged into a wireless router, which in turn is plugged into a modem giving it Internet. So yes I understand this part. But on mynew computer it say Not connected, and no connections available. I then plug the computer directly into the modem, I then receive Internet beautifully and quite quickly. But I cannot keep it like this because I need the wireless router for other devices. So I set everything up back the way it was and my other devices work! Even other plugged in one's that aren't wireless, but still not this new computer.. What do I do?? Somebody please help me, it isn't my Internet, it isn't the cable. It can't be the computer Internet jack if it works when connected directly to the modem, so what is the problem? Pleasehelp