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Problem since new router

by Drumboss - 3/31/13 4:34 AM

Hi all.
I have had a wireless connection to my workshop for years.
I got this by attaching Ethernet from my router in the lounge to an AP in my loft, then from the AP to an antenna on my chimney.
In my workshop I have a XP PC with a D-Link USB wireless card.
All worked brilliantly until I had a new router from my ISP.
The router is a HUAWEI HG523a as used by TalkTalk.
The AP is a D-Link DWL-900AP+, Ver C2 with fully updated firmware.
At first I couldn't get the AP to keep any settings, each time I tried to use the web in my workshop the AP would become inaccessible and I would have to reset it and start again.
I changed the preamble from short to long to match the router and now the AP keeps it's settings.
Was able to browse choppily for a fair while but task bar icon kept losing the green radar and the monitor part of the icon would change from blue to black suggesting it was losing connection every 8-20 seconds then reconnecting or does that icon only show green when there is activity as whenever I click a link it immediately comes to life?

I was able to access AP from workshop so tried changing basic rate from 1-2 to the other two options.
After being on the 1-2-5.5-11-22 option for a short while the connection was gone giving me the red cross in the task bar icon.

Was able to access AP from workshop via iPhone.
Changed basic rate back to 1-2 and workshop pc reconnected.

I tried a ping test.
Not one dropped packet, although the ms times varied from 6ms to 22ms or so.
While it was pinging the taskbar icon stayed 'active', not once greying out like when a browser is open.

In the AP status it says
Send: 831 good packets, 182 dropped packets.
Received: 2261 good packets, 3 dropped packets.
Are there any obvious things I need to change in the AP?
Sorry for the ramblings but it's hard to explain in a few sentences.