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Recommendations on setup?

by btadams71 - 12/7/12 10:43 PM

Hi there all, glad to be a new part of the group. I have recently become very interested in what is possible in my home from a networking perspective. I have always had an Apple Extreme, and maybe a small Airport Express as an access point sometimes. Nothing like I am trying to do now.

Here is what I am trying to network (or make centrally controllable), with how it is fed now, why, and what I want out of the device:

1. Home office mac Mini server edition, but not used as server in any regard. (wired Cat5 from Airport Extreme because I send large files. About 50ft of cable) (what I want: Access files remotely, send receive large files, stream movies to other devices, view cams, manage all our business files)
2. Home Office mac iMac in wifes office (wireless, though is only 10 ft from router)(what I want: Access files remotely)
3. Entertainment center MacPro (A little overkill, but had a Hackintosh built to run everything a jailbroken AppleTV does, but also allow browsing from the couch on the 56" plasma. (wired because of movies streaming from my office machine sometimes).(what I want: view cams, stream movies from multiple sources, probably keep using Plex, manage main drive w/ movies to stream to AppleTV, etc)
4. AppleTV. (wireless bedroom, because it is a long way, 50ft, from router) (what I want: watch movies, jailbreak when available on ATV3 to access files)
5. 2 iPhones, 2 iPads (wireless)(what I want: cameras, stream movies, normal stuff)
6. 1 Galaxy Tab 7" I just bought to mount on wall to control Alarm, thermostat, show cameras from wall, se traffic before walking out door, look at evernote shopping lists on way out, etc... (wireless)(what I want: Already wrote in beginning)
7. Panasonic 56" with Panasonic applications (wireless, panasonic applications rarely used other than video Skype)
8. 5 Foscam wireless cameras. (One is setup in babies room and streams wireless fine to iPhone. Want to set them all up and view on TV, iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Tab. Wired or wireless better?) (distance from router: 1. 10ft through plaster wall, 2. 20ft through plaster wall, 3. 50ft through plaster wall, 4. 50ft through 3 plaster walls in office with Mac Mini server, 5. 150ft through plaster wall and across lawn to garage for overview of yard *mounted in plexi)
9. 1 D-Link wireless cam. From door. Bought this one because it is thin and I could mount it behind plexi to see who is at the door) (distance from router: 60ft through 2 plaster walls)
10. Kitchen iMac for wifes recipes and pandora. (wireless, runs off ethernet from an airport express access point) (what I want: nothing special, just a connection)
11. Wireless HP printer in my wife's office. (wireless, but seems not to always print wirelessly. Wire it?) (what I want: print remotely, even on job site)
12. Alarm system ADT (wired into network and phone)
13. Honeywell / Filtrete 3M-50 Thermostat (wireless) (what I want: Access remotely.
14. Vonage

Here is what I have purchased:

1. ASUS RT-N66U Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router
2. D-Link 5-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch (DGS-1005G)
3. ASUS (RT-N13U/B) Wireless-N 300 Advance multi-Media Home Router (as access point somewhere)
4. TRENDnet 450 Mbps Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter TEW-684UB (Black) (bought wrong one, thought it had ethernet ad could use as access point on the camera on garage.
5. RiteAV - Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable - Blue - 400 ft.

Here is what I have in a box, used, and played with for short periods:

1. 2 Apple extremes one 3rd gen one 4th gen
2. 2 Apple express's 3rd gen and 4th gen also (thought I would use these to stream music from Sirius on the living room hackintosh to the 2 other home stereos aside from the one attached to the hackintosh/TV, since they have the capability of attaching a 3.5mm to aux. Though Apple Airport Utility no longer supports the 3rd generation express and I dont know how to access through straight IP address)


1. What should I run wirelessly of 2.4ghz and what off 5ghz.
2. Guest Network?
3. Suggestions on what should be wired? I bought enough cable.
4. I bought a no-ip account. Good? Thought most things could be managed remotely through that, and static IP's off the LAN, with assigned ports to each?
5. What comes first off cable modem, Asus RT-N66U to Switch, or Switch to Asus RT-N66U? I am befuddled as to his I assign the IP's. Assigned IP from Asus 6. RT-N66U to Switch, then assigned to any other device off switch, with IP pool from switch? Which is best where? This is my biggest issue, deciding, and not educated enough in the topic to make an educated guess.
6. Where could I run into issues? I already setup the ASUS, and assigned an IP to the wired office computer. Keeps dropping connection. Sure I can figure it out, but should I watch of an obvious place I could cause issues?
7. Run media off Asus?
8. Odd question I know, but ASUS came with a Cat5e cable. Seems to me that a router with such speed would come with a Cat6. Am I overestimating the benefit of 6 over 5?

With this setup, could I do anything else fun I haven't thought of?

Thanks everybody, really looking forward to diving into this.